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YOU'LL JUST LOVE the flavor of our "Ol' Snort" Salsa, available in Mild or Hot! Ol' Snort is a classic tomato-based salsa with chunky onions, peppers and celery. Or try our delicious Sweetcorn Salsa or Corn and Black Bean Salsa from our own "Roadside Market" line! Our Bogberry (cranberry) Salsa is perfect over baked chicken and other meats, or pour over cream cheese and dip with chips. Once people taste our salsas, no other brand will do!


Please note your flavor choices and quantity in the text box. (Flavors listed below.)

All prices include tax.

3-Jar Pack: $41.00
4-Jar Pack: $68.80
12-Jar Pack: $159.80

Pint Salsa, Relish, or Sauce

  • Ol' Snort Mild Salsa
    Ol' Snort Hot Salsa
    Bogberry (Cranberry) Salsa
    Cherry Salsa
    Roadside Market Corn Salsa
    Roadside Market Corn and Black Bean Salsa
    Roadside Market Peach Vidalia Salsa
    Roadside Market Apple Salsa
    Cranberry Sauce
    Corn Relish
    Onion Relish

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