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Our Products

We at Slack's believe in a simple, quality life. So, in addition to our line of quality Jams and Jellies made of natural ingredients, we've assembled a line of simple, quality products to bring you back to a simpler time. Welcome Home!
Fine Jams and Jellies

We take pride in using the finest ingredients for our flag-ship product, the way our predecessors did. We use real sugar because it tastes better. Jams and preserves are slow-cooked in an open, 45 gallon kettle, while jellies are cooked in 10 gallon pots like Grandma Slack did. You can taste the love!

Salsas, Relishes and Sauces

We sure enjoy a good salsa to accentuate our family events. Whether you're inviting the guys over for the game and need a good salsa or hosting a barbecue with the family and need a grillin' sauce, these products are sure to make an impression.



Other Fine Products

To go along with our country charm, Slack's also carries a line of maple syrups, long grain wild rice, and popcorn & popcorn seasonings. The best Wisconsin offers. You'll taste the difference!

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